Nailympia criteria for Trophies including Global Cup

Nailympia Global Cup 2018
The global winner will be calculated by the scores from Stiletto, Acrylic Sculpture, Acrylic L&P – the 3 most technically challenging that are undertaken in all 4 locations – USA, Australia, Brazil  & UK.

 Team Trophy 
Per comp, the team’s 3 highest scores are used  (not per competitor across comps).
NOT INCLUDED - Soak Off Gel Manicure, Runway Nails, Photographic. 

Individual Top Scorer UK (London only) 
Must enter 3 or more comps. 
NOT INCLUDED - Soak off Gel Manicure, Runway Nails and Photographic

Winner of Winners 
There is one winner per division. 
3 highest scores from comps entered are totalled. 
NOT INCLUDED – Runway Nails, Dip System, Soak Off Gel Manicure, Fantasy Complete Look, Mixed Media Boxed Art, Reality Nails and Photographic. 

ART Winner of Winners (London only)
Must have won one of the qualifying comps to enter. 
Must have entered at least two comps. 
All scores added together. 
INCLUDED: Runway Nails, Mixed Media Boxed Art and Fantasy Complete Look.

Nailympia USA Judges 2018

  • Nailympia USA 2018 Social Tracey Lee
  • Nailympia USA 2018 Social Elaine
  • Nailympia USA 2018 Social Vitaly
  • Nailympia USA 2017 Social Emese