Nailympia Australia kicks off this weekend in Sydney 26-27 August 2017

The championship starts its second leg for the 1st Nailympia Global Cup  

Here is the current leader board for the Cup from the 1st location Houston, Nailympia USA - hosted by The Best Lil' Nail Show Texas 

Allie Baker – 448pts
Guin Littlefied – 425pts
Jessica Briarmoon – 351pts
Madelyn Wolf – 336pts
Shannon McGowan – 323pts
Phoenix Van Dyke  - 294pts
Jen Wirth - 284pts
Linda Reyes – 227pts
Quoc Nguyen – 233pts
RussAnna Dudley – 220pts
Lori Anastos – 156pts
Danalyn Stockwood – 130pts
Aigul Fritze – 128pts 

This Cup is tallied using scores from 4 competitionss – Salon Nails, Stiletto Nails, Acrylic L&P Tip/Overlay & Acrylic L&P Sculpture - as all 4 are run in all 3 Nailympia locations.

Nailympia USA Judges 2018

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