Nailympia takes over the USA

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The Nailympia International Competition Expands Into The USA For 2017

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As the Nailympia international nail competition brand moves into its 12th edition in London and 3rd edition in Sydney, Australia, it’s excited and delighted to announce a new location – the USA for 2017.

Nailympia London’s ongoing mission to inspire, stretch and motivate nail professionals from all walks of life – from beginners to veterans – men & women – from all four corners of the globe – keeps this prestigious event growing and evolving and stimulating the industry as a whole.

It is with this mission in mind that Nailympia introduces its third international competition to a new continent – America – where it will further fertilise the growth of the nail professional and the industry as a whole. Nailympia USA will be hosted by The Best Lil’ Nail Show in Houston, Texas and run by Athena Elliott, known for her active industry persona and as the founder of Nail Talk Radio in the USA.

“My drive and passion for the Nailympia competition has been constantly fueled and fired up by the enormous amount of nail pros that have entered over the years,” enthuses organiser, Alex Fox. “Working on Scratch magazine and Nailympia over the last 13 years has been so fulfilling and inspiring for me. The amount of techs that have embraced this event and immersed themselves in bettering and showcasing their skills has been a truly intoxicating experience. Seeing and feeling Nailympia’s growth is a milestone in my career and I know this new addition will further enrich and enliven this brand. I’m eager to see how the USA and its neighbours embrace this new event and can’t wait to be on the comp floor next March.”

Organiser of The Best Lil’ Nail Show, Nail Talk Radio host and co-ordinator of Nailympia USA, Athena Elliott says, “Partnering with Nailympia is a blessing and I’m over the moon about it! While mine and my partner Donna Shur’s vision is big, (this is Texas ya know), we listened to the feedback the industry offered freely and knew this was the way forward. Nailympia brings the US and Texas a fresh and fun competition that supports all levels of experience. Our focus is set for building a nail show and competition so incredible and evolutionary that it inspires the nail industry – in the same way we are inspired!

“Together we will bring a competitive edge to participants, a packed, educational and amazing show all in one location. We predict our growth will be faster than anything the nail industry has ever seen.”

Head judge for all three competitions, the USA’s Elaine Watson states, “When I step back and look at the history of Nailympia, I’m so proud to be a member of this incredible global team. “For 12 years, it’s grown year-on-year in London with more and more countries being represented. In its 10th year Nailympia expanded into Australia, a truly exciting turning point in its life and as this celebrates its third year we now see the USA joining the team. This means I now get to play in my own backyard and I know it will be a sheer pleasure working with my dear friends Athena Elliot and Alex Fox on this newest Nailympia, as we work together to inspire the nail techs across the USA and beyond.

“The Nailympia competition organisation has never been stronger than it is today, or will be tomorrow.  I am so deeply honored to be a part of these great moments in its history.”

Key points

Nailympia was founded in 2001 – formerly known as The Nailympics - in the USA by three nail manufacturers looking to create an unbiased, all encompassing, non-brand associated nail competition. Founders comprised EzFlow (David Daniels & Danny Haile), IBD (Lee Tomlinson), and Too Much Fun (Jim Johnson & Dianne D’Agnolo).

Alex Fox requested to run this competition in London in 2005 at the first Olympia Beauty exhibition and Nailympia London was born. Nailympia invites nail figureheads & experts from all over the world to judge each year, which keeps the event fair, prestigious and all-embracing. Sponsors and entrants fees fund this non-profit event.

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Left to Right: Alex Fox, Athena Elliott and Elaine Watson

Calling the Brave & the Bold to...

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NAIL TALK RADIO to broadcast LIVE from the competition floor

Nail Talk RadioNailympia London judge and founder of Nail Talk Radio, Athena Elliot, is hosting a LIVE 90min show this morning from the Olympia Beauty show.

Get your fix of nail news from the Nailympia competition floor as she chats to Elaine Watson, head judge, and spills the latest competitor antics.

Tune in from 11.30am at and call in to get your questions answered!

Nailympia London 2015 kicks off!

Nailympia London 2015 has kicked off in style at the stunning Olympia exhibition venue in London.

An elite panel of judges are readying themselves for three days of intense and focused judging to find the best of the best across 11 categories.

Techs from all over the globe have gathered at the London hotspot and the first competition - Soak Off Gel Manicure - has kicked off. Can you spy some of your fellow nailists?

Follow us on Instagram at @NailympiaLondon and Twitter @NailympiaLondon for live picture updates from the competition floor.

Nailympia London Judges 2017

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Nailympia Australia Judges 2017

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