Jonny Diep Pham crowned Overall Champion of Nailympia Australia 2015

Nailympia AUSTRALIA2015 red 250Nailympia Australia 2015 in its second year attracted a huge rise in competitors, translating into 203 competition seats across 10 categories taken over the event.

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Hosted by Beauty Expo Sydney at the Glebe Island exhibition halls, the event on 22-23 August 2015 featured competitors from six countries: Finland, Japan, Holland, UK, New Zealand and Australia.

The judging panel, an eclectic mix of international expertise from the USA, UK, New Zealand and Australia, was delighted to experience the high energy of the competition floor, which radiated excitement and creativity over the two days.

Reality Nail Art was the big feature of the event, as it’s a new category, devised by Nailympia London and WorldSkills judge Jackie O’Sullivan, which was inaugurated at Nailympia Australia and will be a new addition to Nailympia London 3-4-5 October 2015.

The highest scoring Overall Champion of the event was Jonny Diep Pham (note: the original champion highlighted an error in score tallies and Jonny Pham has since been given the title). Jonny Diep Pham also won Winner of Winners champion for Division 3; Kathy White won Winner of Winners Division 2 and Koula White took the Winner of Winners trophy for Division 1.

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Nailympia London is proud to be in partnership with Reed Exhibitions Australia in order to bring this prestigious international nail 

competition to the southern hemisphere,” says Alex Fox organiser Nailympia London. “In its second year of working together we experienced a much higher standard of work and creativity, a marked increase in competition seats, an exciting panel of top class global educators on the judging panel and great energy on the comp floor. I’m hoping this growth continues year on year and we see the same level of success in Sydney that we have experienced in London. It’s such exciting times for those working in nails around the globe.”

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Don’t Dream it - Be it - at Nailympia London 2015

After the enormous success of Nailympia London last year – an event that hosted 654 competition seats representing 32 countries, while celebrating 10 years of international nail culture & competition – the organiser has decided to keep the format similar in size, stature & style.

The competition floor will host 90 nail desks and a nail army of floor judges scrutinising and supporting all those involved. In total, the event will host 22 judges flown in from 12 countries. Last year Runway Nails was added to the category list as a reflection of the rise in session styling opportunities that the fashion and beauty world now offers. Its popularity means it remains on the itinerary. For 2015 the organiser has added one new category for competitors hungry for a new challenge; Reality Nail Art – a 45-minute competition inviting techs to design three nail tips that reflect the trends of real-life high street salon nail art styles requested by clients across the UK and USA.

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An interview with nail icon Vicki Peters

Last September, I invited Vicki Peters to do a video interview as i was keen to harness her expertise & hear her opinion on what the Nailympia team was creating in London - it was Nailympia's 10th anniversary - she was happy to take part. Only part of the interview was used in the official Nailympia video - however - due to her sad & unexpected passing on 31 December 2014 - i went back to the video editor and had the entire interview edited - here it is. Our dearest Vicki Peters - animated & interesting - dear precious Vicki. This download is only available until 10th March - sent with love to all who knew her, were inspired by her - realise the depth of her and what she did to form the nail path many of us walk today xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Competition Down Under

Snapshots of the judges and team backstage of the 2014 Australian Nail Awards in partnership with Nailympia London.

A global judging panel worked together to bring the first international nail competition platform with a Nailympia flavour to Autralia.

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Nailympia London - 3rd, 4th & 5th October 2015 - @ Olympia Beauty

2014 saw the biggest arena in Europe, the most competition seats taken, 32 countries and a vibe of nail joy for three long days…welcome to the 10th edition Nailympia London.

Alex Fox reports

To be part of this industry is a sincerely fulfilling and exciting journey for any of us that truly feel its vibe. I’m proud to say I not only feel the vibe, but also swim in its rhythm and colour. As editor of Scratch magazine my cup is forever overflowing – my most favoured pastimes are realised – communicating with interesting people all day long as well as playing with words and pictures – it’s a dream job for sure.

My dream job took on a new element when I was given permission to bring the Nailympia concept to Europe back in 2005. It was a whole new nail project and one that I grabbed with both hands and held on tight. It’s been a glorious journey for me - running the Nailympia London competition for 10 episodes – partnering with Janine, watching the judging panel expand year on year and watch the arena get bigger and better. Therefore it was an extremely emotional and sensational event that we staged this year – as the 10th anniversary saw the largest judging panel we’ve experienced – it most certainly was the most experienced, eclectic and amazing panel I’ve seen anywhere in the world- please correct me if I’m wrong- but I do believe there has never been this many industry icons on one stage at any other time across the world - all working together – in unison for the greater good - to arbitrate and oversee an arena housing nail professionals from 32 different nail nations.
Yes, it was a seriously emotional yet awe-inspiring weekend; it was one for the family album.

With early bird entry fees opening for registration back in springtime, nail professionals were signing up early this year and it was clear by July that the 10th edition was going to be popular. However, I never anticipated 654 competition seats over the 10 categories. Again this makes Nailympia London the largest nail competition across Europe and America – I believe the largest outside of Asia. This is a huge accolade for this competition – it’s reputation and most importantly its mission.
Celebrating 10 years of competition with an international flavour, it was important that the categories continue to reflect industry trends and it was a huge coup for the event to have the support of Gareth Pugh, British fashion designer, who not only briefed the Runway Nails category but also came to the arena and judged the entries before heading out to Paris Fashion Week just a few hours later. A most thoughtful and charming gentleman, who asked nothing in return, Gareth Pugh will never fully know what it meant to the nail industry to have his acknowledgement, attention and his time – it was a career milestone for me to see how this industry has moved upwards and onwards from when I first arrived over 16 years ago. I still remember being asked why the beauty industry needed a nail magazine. Now those were the days.
And so we bring the 10th anniversary Nailympia to a close with 13 trophies delivered to their rightful accomplished winners and over 120 medals hanging proudly in salons across the world; I sigh a huge breath of satisfaction and look forward with a smile to number 11. See you at Nailympia London next October.

With London recognised as the competition’s UK and international home, organisers are now looking to further expand its accessibility around the globe, with a view to unearthing the growing pool of world class talent. Opportunities are being explored to stage the Nailympia competition in other key regions and countries, with discussions being at an advanced stage with prospective partners in South Africa and the Middle East.

Nailympia Australia will be held 22-23 August 2015 - at Sydney Exhibition Centre, Glebe Island, Sydney -

Nailympia London Judges 2017

  • Nailympia Lond 2017 Social Emese
  • Nailympia Lond 2017 Social Krasimira
  • Nailympia Lond 2017 Social Sam
  • Nailympia Lond 2017 Social Alisha
  • Nailympia Lond 2017 Social Leisbeth
  • Nailympia Lond 2017 Social Rosy
  • Nailympia Lond 2017 Social Jacqui
  • Nailympia Lond 2017 Social Morgan Taylor
  • Nailympia Lond 2017 Social Anneke
  • Nailympia Lond 2017 Social Gemma
  • Nailympia Lond 2017 Social Aliz
  • Nailympia Lond 2017 Social Marian
  • Nailympia Lond 2017 Social Stephy
  • Nailympia Lond 2017 Social Jai
  • Nailympia Lond 2017 Social Karin
  • Nailympia Lond 2017 Social Catherine
  • Nailympia Lond 2017 Social Frank
  • Nailympia Lond 2017 Social Galina
  • Nailympia Lond 2017 Social Eva
  • Nailympia Lond 2017 Social Hazel
  • Nailympia Lond 2017 Social Elaine
  • Nailympia Lond 2017 Social Jan

Nailympia Australia Judges 2017

  • Nailympia Aus 2017 Social Elaine
  • Nailympia Aus 2017 Social Jai
  • Nailympia Aus 2017 Social Samantha
  • Nailympia Aus 2017 Social Alisha
  • Nailympia Aus 2017 Social Lance
  • Nailympia Aus 2017 Social Leah
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  • Nailympia Aus 2017 Social Mindy
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  • Nailympia Aus 2017 Social Dannii
  • Nailympia Aus 2017 Social Bex
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Nailympia USA Judges 2017

  • Nailympia USA 2017 Social Morgan
  • Nailympia USA 2017 Social Vitaly
  • Nailympia USA 2017 Social Elaine
  • Nailympia USA 2017 Social Jai
  • Nailympia USA 2017 Social Jan
  • Nailympia USA 2017 Social Emese
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