NAIL TALK RADIO to broadcast LIVE from the competition floor

Nail Talk RadioNailympia London judge and founder of Nail Talk Radio, Athena Elliot, is hosting a LIVE 90min show this morning from the Olympia Beauty show.

Get your fix of nail news from the Nailympia competition floor as she chats to Elaine Watson, head judge, and spills the latest competitor antics.

Tune in from 11.30am at and call in to get your questions answered!

Nailympia London 2015 kicks off!

Nailympia London 2015 has kicked off in style at the stunning Olympia exhibition venue in London.

An elite panel of judges are readying themselves for three days of intense and focused judging to find the best of the best across 11 categories.

Techs from all over the globe have gathered at the London hotspot and the first competition - Soak Off Gel Manicure - has kicked off. Can you spy some of your fellow nailists?

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Jonny Diep Pham crowned Overall Champion of Nailympia Australia 2015

Nailympia AUSTRALIA2015 red 250Nailympia Australia 2015 in its second year attracted a huge rise in competitors, translating into 203 competition seats across 10 categories taken over the event.

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Hosted by Beauty Expo Sydney at the Glebe Island exhibition halls, the event on 22-23 August 2015 featured competitors from six countries: Finland, Japan, Holland, UK, New Zealand and Australia.

The judging panel, an eclectic mix of international expertise from the USA, UK, New Zealand and Australia, was delighted to experience the high energy of the competition floor, which radiated excitement and creativity over the two days.

Reality Nail Art was the big feature of the event, as it’s a new category, devised by Nailympia London and WorldSkills judge Jackie O’Sullivan, which was inaugurated at Nailympia Australia and will be a new addition to Nailympia London 3-4-5 October 2015.

The highest scoring Overall Champion of the event was Jonny Diep Pham (note: the original champion highlighted an error in score tallies and Jonny Pham has since been given the title). Jonny Diep Pham also won Winner of Winners champion for Division 3; Kathy White won Winner of Winners Division 2 and Koula White took the Winner of Winners trophy for Division 1.

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Nailympia London is proud to be in partnership with Reed Exhibitions Australia in order to bring this prestigious international nail 

competition to the southern hemisphere,” says Alex Fox organiser Nailympia London. “In its second year of working together we experienced a much higher standard of work and creativity, a marked increase in competition seats, an exciting panel of top class global educators on the judging panel and great energy on the comp floor. I’m hoping this growth continues year on year and we see the same level of success in Sydney that we have experienced in London. It’s such exciting times for those working in nails around the globe.”

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Nailympia Aus pressRelease 3 600

Don’t Dream it - Be it - at Nailympia London 2015

After the enormous success of Nailympia London last year – an event that hosted 654 competition seats representing 32 countries, while celebrating 10 years of international nail culture & competition – the organiser has decided to keep the format similar in size, stature & style.

The competition floor will host 90 nail desks and a nail army of floor judges scrutinising and supporting all those involved. In total, the event will host 22 judges flown in from 12 countries. Last year Runway Nails was added to the category list as a reflection of the rise in session styling opportunities that the fashion and beauty world now offers. Its popularity means it remains on the itinerary. For 2015 the organiser has added one new category for competitors hungry for a new challenge; Reality Nail Art – a 45-minute competition inviting techs to design three nail tips that reflect the trends of real-life high street salon nail art styles requested by clients across the UK and USA.

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An interview with nail icon Vicki Peters

Last September, I invited Vicki Peters to do a video interview as i was keen to harness her expertise & hear her opinion on what the Nailympia team was creating in London - it was Nailympia's 10th anniversary - she was happy to take part. Only part of the interview was used in the official Nailympia video - however - due to her sad & unexpected passing on 31 December 2014 - i went back to the video editor and had the entire interview edited - here it is. Our dearest Vicki Peters - animated & interesting - dear precious Vicki. This download is only available until 10th March - sent with love to all who knew her, were inspired by her - realise the depth of her and what she did to form the nail path many of us walk today xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Nailympia London Judges 2017

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Nailympia Australia Judges 2017

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Nailympia USA Judges 2017

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  • Nailympia USA 2017 Social Emese
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