Nailympia USA 2018 - 14 Competitions over 3 Days

Nailympia USA Itinerary 2018






The Creative & Artistic Side of Nailympia London 2017

Nailympia 2017 Part 2 1

Nailympia 2017 Part 2 2

Nailympia 2017 Part 2 3

Nailympia 2017 Part 2 4

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14th year - 14 competitions

Nailympia London 2018 Category announcement

Categories for NAILYMPIA LONDON 2018 announced

L&P Acrylic Tip/Overlay - 75-mins
L&P Acrylic Sculpture -75-mins
L&P Acrylic Perfect Match (automatic entry if you enter both L&P Acrylic comps)
Gel Tip/Overlay - 75-mins
Gel Sculpture - 75-mins
Gel Perfect Match (automatic entry if you enter both Gel comps)
Salon Nails - 60-mins - 1 hand
Soak Off Gel Manicure 30-mins
Fantasy Nail Art Complete Look - 1-hour
Reality Nail Art - 45-mins - 3 tips
Stiletto Nails - 2-hours - 1 hand
The Dip System 45-mins - 2 hands
Runway Nails - Submission on mood board - 3 nail tips
Mixed Media Boxed Art - Submission in box

Team Trophy (min 3 techs / max 6 techs)

Changes for 2018

Educators/nail trainers must enter Nailympia competitions at Division 2 or 3 level. NO educators can enter Division 1.
We are moving over to paperless...
All score sheets for Nailympia London will be emailed to all competitors during the following week after the competition is held.

Setting the standard: NAILYMPIA LONDON 2017

It’s unique, it’s inspirational, exciting, fair and fabulous – Nailympia London saw its largest amount of competitors to date with 968 seats taken from 28 nations – all surprising and delighting with their nail skills and styling.

The 13th Nailympia London was simply sensational. There is no other way to describe this event; it was mammoth and took a tribe of expert judges, the team at Scratch magazine and some extra people in the mix to manifest it – before, during and after the host three-days of its duration.

This year has seen the Nailympia competitions complete a full cycle of three locations starting with Houston, USA in April, moving to Sydney in August and London last month. Its buzz is now global. Its draw is magnetic and its fire is very much alive.

There’s a strong team that works behind the scenes all year round to bring Nailympia to life and a panel of judges that give hours and hours of their time to tweak rules, improve the running and help evolve it to fit our ever-changing nail society.

To have hosted the largest international nail competition floor in the world has left me bursting with joy and excited for the future of this competition. To be forever meeting nail-passionate individuals and working alongside them around the world makes me hungry for more and to see the passion, emotion and desire in the eyes of the competitors brings a career high like no other.

We hosted 99 tables in London and will keep the competition at a flat 100 tables for 2018 – so if you want to compete – get in and register early. There will be two early bird rates and registration will open before the end of 2017.

Nailympia 2017 P1

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Nailympia USA Judges 2018

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