Meet the Team

Alex Fox

Alex Fox

Alex Fox has been a journalist since 1993 working for six years on photographic titles both consumer and trade. In 1998 Alex moved into the beauty world and worked on the first UK trade nail magazine, Nails Plus. This led to heading a team of 10 journalists as editorial director and launching two salon titles and a spa trade title too. Alex next co-founded Scratch magazine, the UK's only trade title dedicated to hand, nail and footcare professionals in 2003. In her role as editor, Alex has since introduced the first consumer nail title, Gloss, which enjoyed two issues a year before closing and has been organising Nailympia London for the last 13 years, which brings nail professionals together from across the globe to compete on an international platform. Since this time Nailympia has expanded into Australia and the USA and is now three international competitions a year.
Alex and the Scratch team launched the first ever nail industry awards in 2012, known as The Scratch Stars Awards, which celebrates and recognises excellence, flair and creativity among nail stylists and professionals. The awards is an industry staple and is growing with every year in stature and popularity. Most recently Alex, who resides in Qatar in the Middle East, has launched a prosumer magazine to elevate and highlight the professional beauty salon industry across the GCC. Scratch Middle East magazine launched in May 2014 is available in both digital and print versions across the Gulf.
Alex Fox is passionate about the nail industry and focuses on inspiring techs to explore their business opportunities and creative flair while helping shape this exciting and still emerging market sector. Alex currently lives in Doha, Qatar with her three children, three cats and three fish, while the Scratch editorial and advertising team is based in Kent, UK.
Danielle Sweetman

Danielle Sweetman

Dannielle Sweetman has been a part of the organiser/admin team for Nailympia for the past eight years.Recently married, she lives in Devon and is working on a career with animals while working in her local village pub that was home to Sir Francis Drake.
Previously she's worked in a solicitor's firm as a receptionist, at H & C Beart Ltd, an animal feed distribution company in Norfolk and more recently as an optical assistant driving promotions, pre-testing patients, frame styling and taking payments.
Her hobbies lie in and around animals, mainly her horses, which she spends all her free time with while training to compete at a high level of Classical Dressage and/or Working Equitation.
Lara Fox

Lara Fox

Nailympia London Judges 2017

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  • Nailympia Lond 2017 Social Gemma
  • Nailympia Lond 2017 Social Stephy
  • Nailympia Lond 2017 Social Alisha
  • Nailympia Lond 2017 Social Eva
  • Nailympia Lond 2017 Social Galina
  • Nailympia Lond 2017 Social Frank
  • Nailympia Lond 2017 Social Jai
  • Nailympia Lond 2017 Social Emese
  • Nailympia Lond 2017 Social Jacqui
  • Nailympia Lond 2017 Social Elaine
  • Nailympia Lond 2017 Social Karin
  • Nailympia Lond 2017 Social Anneke
  • Nailympia Lond 2017 Social Leisbeth
  • Nailympia Lond 2017 Social Jan
  • Nailympia Lond 2017 Social Krasimira
  • Nailympia Lond 2017 Social Morgan Taylor
  • Nailympia Lond 2017 Social Rosy
  • Nailympia Lond 2017 Social Marian
  • Nailympia Lond 2017 Social Hazel
  • Nailympia Lond 2017 Social Aliz
  • Nailympia Lond 2017 Social Catherine

Nailympia Australia Judges 2017

  • Nailympia Aus 2017 Social Dannii
  • Nailympia Aus 2017 Social Bex
  • Nailympia Aus 2017 Social Aliz
  • Nailympia Aus 2017 Social Amanda
  • Nailympia Aus 2017 Social Samantha
  • Nailympia Aus 2017 Social Jai
  • Nailympia Aus 2017 Social Mindy
  • Nailympia Aus 2017 Social Caroline
  • Nailympia Aus 2017 Social Lance
  • Nailympia Aus 2017 Social Alex
  • Nailympia Aus 2017 Social Alisha
  • Nailympia Aus 2017 Social Sarah
  • Nailympia Aus 2017 Social Leah
  • Nailympia Aus 2017 Social Rachel
  • Nailympia Aus 2017 Social Marian
  • Nailympia Aus 2017 Social Jonny
  • Nailympia Aus 2017 Social Elaine

Nailympia USA Judges 2017

  • Nailympia USA 2017 Social Jan
  • Nailympia USA 2017 Social Ami
  • Nailympia USA 2017 Social Emese
  • Nailympia USA 2017 Social Jai
  • Nailympia USA 2017 Social Tammy
  • Nailympia USA 2017 Social Alisha
  • Nailympia USA 2017 Social Taylor
  • Nailympia USA 2017 Social Amy
  • Nailympia USA 2017 Social Vitaly
  • Nailympia USA 2017 Social Morgan
  • Nailympia USA 2017 Social Elaine
  • Nailympia USA 2017 Social Traci
  • Nailympia USA 2017 Social Keri